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They Might Be Giants

A glance into the crowd assembled for the show in the NPR Music offices reveals just how far-reaching They Might Be Giants' appeal has become. Watch the band perform two of its brand-new songs, as well as "Fingertips," a classic 1992 chestnut.

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Givers' music is a clatter of percussion, bright tropical melodies, slinky guitar upstrokes and playful vocals that float over polyrhythmic grooves.

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Y La Bamba

Luzelena Mendoza's captivating voice is the centerpiece of Y La Bamba's sound. But the rugged-looking choir boys behind her obviously find joy in blending their voices into rich vocal harmonies.

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Sallie Ford: South By Northwest

Asheville, N.C., native Sallie Ford was born into a musical family, but she didn't find her voice until she moved to Portland. Listen to the singer perform live with her band for

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First Watch: Hooray For Earth, 'Sails'

The New York City band Hooray for Earth takes a haunting turn in its new video for "Sails." A woman appears to chase after herself, while stopping to dig up and then rebury a small box that holds a mystery.

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Joe Boyd And Robyn Hitchcock

Boyd's name popped up on many records in the 1960s and '70s. Joined by Robyn Hitchcock, Boyd reads from his book, White Bicycles: Making Music in the 1960s, while Hitchcock performs songs of the era.

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Ben Sollee

A genre-bending cellist and songwriter who combines classical artistry with bluegrass and pop, Sollee has created a unique and infectious take on folk music.

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Julian Lage Trio

The 23-year-old guitarist was once called a prodigy. But he's maturing into a distinctive player and bandleader, too. With two bandmates, Lage performs two unreleased songs and a cut from 2011's Gladwell.

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The Blind Boys Of Alabama

Whether young or old, blind or sighted, these gospel greats craft an impeccable mix of polished blues, swinging soul and from-the-gut expressions of faith.

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Watch the newcomer from Montenegro play Spanish standards and a passionate ode to his homeland.

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First Watch: Tasseomancy, 'Heavy Sleep'

Sari and Romy Lightman, the twin sisters and singers who backup the broody electro-pop group Austra, will release their own album late this summer under the name Tasseomancy. See a spooky new video for the song "Heavy Sleep."

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The Civil Wars

Watch Joy Williams and John Paul White's swooning chemistry and stirring harmonies at the NPR Music offices.

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For some acts, stripping a sound down to essentials is easy: Strap on the acoustic guitar and maybe use a snare drum instead of a full kit. It was different for YACHT; it's not a simple guitar-bass-drums band. Watch the electro-pop group's striking performance at the NPR Music offices.