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Watch the newcomer from Montenegro play Spanish standards and a passionate ode to his homeland.

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First Watch: Tasseomancy, 'Heavy Sleep'

Sari and Romy Lightman, the twin sisters and singers who backup the broody electro-pop group Austra, will release their own album late this summer under the name Tasseomancy. See a spooky new video for the song "Heavy Sleep."

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The Civil Wars

Watch Joy Williams and John Paul White's swooning chemistry and stirring harmonies at the NPR Music offices.

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For some acts, stripping a sound down to essentials is easy: Strap on the acoustic guitar and maybe use a snare drum instead of a full kit. It was different for YACHT; it's not a simple guitar-bass-drums band. Watch the electro-pop group's striking performance at the NPR Music offices.

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The Decemberists

When he turned up at the NPR Music offices to perform three songs from The King Is Dead, Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy wasn't expecting to be staring into dozens, if not hundreds, of rapt faces.

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Charlie Siem

Watch the stylish young violinist pull out a bag of tricks in music by Paganini. Performing at the NPR Music offices, Siem tosses off left-hand pizzicatos, double-stop harmonics and spiccato bowing as if he were buttering bread.

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Chris Thile And Michael Daves

Thile and Daves play the traditional bluegrass music of icons Bill Monroe, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs with New York City intensity. Watch the dexterous duo perform songs from Sleep With One Eye Open at the NPR Music offices.

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The Black Angels

The Black Angels' music is hardly the stuff of stripped-down acoustic confessionals: It's the sound of a distant rumble, possibly beamed from a garage in a distant decade.

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The Kopecky Family Band

NPR Music's staff stumbled onto the Tennessee band's music at the CMJ Music Festival last fall, and quickly fell in love. The Kopeckys' sweet, swollen folk-rock songs keep blooming into something irresistible.

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Jackie Evancho

The 11-year-old singer, best known for her rousing appearance on America's Got Talent, performs show tunes, Classical repertoire such as or even a pop tune. Watch Evancho perform Handel's "Ombra mai fu" for a stunned audience at the NPR Music offices.

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Low continues to find new ways to sound alternately (and even simultaneously) swoony and unnerving.